How Long Does It Take For Paint To Dry

How Long Does It Take Paint To Dry


Let us assume we are talking about a latex-based paint.


Latex paint generally dries in about 30 minutes depending on temperature, humidity, color, paint and application technique.  Re-coat time is typically 4 hours on most latex products (check the label for manufacturer's directions).  You will experience longer drying times when applying dark colors.  This is caused by the amount of colorant added to your paint to achieve a deep color.  Colorant consists of pigment and glycol which takes longer to dry.  


Do not attempt to rush a paint job and re-coat too fast.  Rolling into a paint which has not dried yet can cause problems that are very hard to correct.  When paint is applied over a finish which is not yet dry, the water in the product re-wets the base coat of paint.  The base coat will then reactivate and start to roll off of the wall and you roll the second coat on.  This will result in a stippled, textured effect.  To fix this you will need to sand down the wall until it is smooth once the paint has fully dried.


Cure time on latex paints is around 14 days.  This means that the paint has reached its full hardness and has achieved maximum durability.  If the paint is washable it can be washed using a sponge and a general purpose cleaner such as dish soap and water.   

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