How To Dispose Of Paint



Please check with local ordinances before disposing of paint in the garbage.  Most counties will accept hardened paint (leave the cover off so the collectors can see that it is solidified).

Chances are that you will soon be cleaning out your garage or basement and find various cans of paint that you may never use again.  It is very easy to dispose of latex paint as explained below.  However, before disposing of paint, please check with your local Habitat for Humanity.  They will generally take all latex and oil base stains, paints and sealers.  This will help out less privileged people and is a tax deductible contribution.


If local ordinances allow you to dispose of hardened paint, use the following methods: 


  • Add kitty litter to paint and stir until the paint hardens.
  • Open the paint can and let it sit out in the sun.
  • Use one of the many commercially availabe paint hardening products.  They will work faster than kitty litter.

Oil base paints will take longer to dry and also require much more kitty litter or paint hardener.

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