How To Paint A Bathroom

Painting a bathroom differs slightly from painting a regular room.  Ceramic tile, laminate, showers, tubs, sinks and other fixtures in your bathroom can all be painted.


Wall Painting Tips

The paint you pick out for your bathroom should be durable, which typically means a non-flat paint.  Choose at least an eggshell sheen or higher (How To Pick Out Paint Sheens ).  You get what you pay for when you purchase paint so do not buy the least expensive product for your walls.  Most quality paints range from $30-$40 per gallon.  You may also want to use a product with a mildewcide, which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface.  We recommend either Zinsser's Perma White  or Muralo's Nano Kote.  Muralo's product contains ceramic which makes the paint even more washable than regular bathroom paint and is protected by a 10 year mold and mildew-proof warranty.


Make use of an edger or painters tape to cut-in around ceilings, walls, trim, fixtures and cabinets.  The actual process of painting your walls is no different than any other room in your house.  Use a good quality shed-resistant 3/8" nap roller and your paint job should look great.


Painting Ceramic Tile

If you have old dingy ceramic or if you just hate the color of the tiles, you can paint them and transform your bathroom for very little money.  Visit our tutorial "How to Paint Ceramic Tile" to see tips and tricks. 


Painting Laminate

Laminate can be painted easily if you are looking for a quick fix in your bathroom before you sell of if you just want to update a color.  However, painting laminate is not a permanent solution, as the paint will scratch and wear off eventually.  Using sandpaper, sand down the laminate to de-gloss it.  Clean the sanding dust off with a wet rag.  Use a good quality bonding primer, then top coat the primer with at least two coats of a satin finish paint.   


Painting a Shower

Whether you are painting a porcelain tub, fiberglass shower surround or just the top part of your shower you will need to use an epoxy paint.  Regular paint, when subjected to constant water, will eventually bubble and start to crack and peel off the shower.  Showers need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to painting.  After the epoxy has dried you will want to wait a least a few days before taking a shower.  We recommend Tile Doc by XIM because it can be used on both porcelain and fiberglass surfaces.  Tile Doc can be used to paint your sink as well.


Painting Bathroom Fixtures

Mirror frames, light fixtures, trim work and other decorative items in your bathroom can all be given new life with a coat of paint.  If you are going to take the time to paint any of these objects you may want to consider metallic paint to give an elegant and sophisticated look.  We recommend Metallic Paint by Modern Masters.  Most fixtures will require a primer prior to painting.  Shiny, hard to stick to surfaces, such as metal should be coated with a bonding primer such as Stix by Insl-x.

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