How To Paint A Ceiling Without Roller and Streak Marks

Painting a ceiling can be one of the hardest painting projects you man encounter in your home.  Not only does your neck feel out of place when you get done, but you may see brush and roller marks on your ceiling even after applying two coats of paint.  So that leaves the question of why did this happen?


There could be a variety of reasons but lets start with the most common.  Flat ceiling paint is very porous, meaning that viewing it at a molecular level it would appear very open look like an unsealed surface.  That being the case, the next time paint is applied it will soak into the old ceiling paint.  When painting a very dry, porous surface like an old ceiling, the first coat of paint will be absorbed and will barely seal the surface.  Even the next coat of paint may not create an even surface and brush and roller marks may still be visible.


One other reason you may see marks is that your ceiling paint dried too quickly.  You should turn off your furnace a few hours before starting your painting projects.  The lower room temperature will allow the paint to dry slower and the brush and roller marks may disappear.  You can also add an additive called Floetrol to the paint.  It will delay the drying of the paint as well.


Another thing you can do to prevent roller marks is to prime your ceiling with a primer first.  This will seal the old, porous surface and allow your ceiling paint to level out.

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