How To Paint A Light Color Over A Dark Color



So you are ready to go out with the dark and in the with the light?  Before you start painting there are a few tips you should know about painting a light color over a dark color. 


Advantages Of Switching To a Lighter Color


  • Light colors make a room appear larger. 
  • Light colors are easier to paint over than dark colors.
  • It is easier to accent a room with dark colored accents when the walls are light.  Accents include pictures, lamps, furniture, table cloths, etc.


How To Paint Over A Dark Color


  1. Prime the wall with a block-out primer.
  2. Have the primer tinted to the color you are painting, this will help your top coat paint cover in one coat.


Those two steps are very easy, yet it is amazing how many people try to just paint over a dark color with a light colored paint.  Paint does not have the same color-blocking ability that primer does.  When choosing a primer, do not choose the cheapest primer.  Try to get a primer that says it blocks out dark colors, such as 1-2-3 by Zinsser. 


The same applies for painting a dark color over a light color.  Always use a deep-tinted primer to help with coverage.  Most big box stores do not carry a dark tint primer base.  This means that they can only tint a white base primer to a medium tone color, which may not be dark enough to help.  If this is the case, try a local independent paint store for the correct primer.

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