How To Paint A Textured Ceiling



Painting a textured ceiling is a little different than painting a normal ceiling.  The texture will soak up more paint and will require you to use a different roller cover.


Tips for painting textured ceilings:


  • Use a 1/2" nap roller cover.  It will hold and transfer more paint to the ceiling.  The longer nap of the cover will also get into the hills and valleys created by the texture.  

  • Always use an extension pole.  Never paint a ceiling using a step ladder.  It is much easier to see where you are painting from floor level.  Moving a ladder around and climbing up and down it will not only make the job more difficult, but the paint will start to dry too fast so you may see lap marks when finished.

  • Add Floetrol to your ceiling paint.  Floetrol will slow down the drying time of latex paint.  This will help in creating a lap-free finish even on textured ceilings. 

  • Have a friend help with the project.  Have them cut in the ceiling with a brush while you roll or vice versa. 

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