How To Paint Countertops



Want to change that boring laminate countertop into something marvelous?  It's simpler than you may think.  There are several options you have to transform the look of your counters, each having advantages and drawbacks.


Giani Granite Paint



  • Provides a unique granite look
  • Packaged in a kit that has everything you need to do the job
  • Package comes with an instructional DVD
  • Several attractive colors available




Paint Your Countertop




  •  Very simple to do, simply prime with a bonding primer and paint with a water-base enamel paint (satin or gloss)
  •  Least costly and quickest method
  •  Anyone can do it


  •  Scratches can be seen easily because of the gloss of the paint
  •  Will have to be repainted every few years depending on use

Use a decorative finish on your countertop

There are several decorative products that you can use to spruce up your countertops.  I will go through each product below along with the good and bad of each.


SpreadRock by Daich Coatings




  • Very durable, you can try to scratch the coating with a coin and it will wear out the coin and not leave a mark on the coating
  • Easy to apply
  • Cool look, in 5 different colors



  • Packaged in gallons/5 gallon only.  1 Gallon only covers 33 sq/ft
  • Costly, around $2.50 per sq/ft
  • Bumpy surface, not easy to write on

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