How To Paint Furniture



Have a dining room table or china cabinet that you want to paint?  Painting a piece of furniture is very similar to painting a room.  You need to make sure you do the preparation work right, chose the right paint and have the correct tools.


Tools Needed 


Paint brush, roller, sandpaper, blockout primer, satin finish paint, roller tray, drop cloth, tsp or other cleaner




Furniture should always been cleaned before being primed and painted.  Oils from hands and other contaminants will inhibit the adhesion of any coating and need to be removed prior to painting.  I recommend Easy Liquid Sander by Klean Strip or you can use Wilbond as a cleaner.  





  1. Prime the furniture with a blockout primer.  Always start painting at the top of a furniture piece.  This way, if there are any drips you will catch them as you move down the piece.  Let the primer dry for the recommended amount of time.  
  2. Sand down any rough spots in the primer finish to ensure a smooth final coat of paint.
  3. Rinse off any sanding dust with a damp wash cloth.
  4. Paint the furniture with two coats of finish coat paint.  We recommend a satin finish or gloss finish depending on how shiny you want the furniture to be.
You should always try to use an enamel finish when painting furniture.  Enamel finishes dry harder, producing a more durable surface.  You can use either a latex or oil-base enamel finish when painting furniture.

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