How To Paint Glass



Glass, with the right preparation and products, can be painted just like any other surface.  Being very smooth and slick, glass can be a challenge to paint if you are not sure how to tackle it. 


Materials needed


Paint brush & roller, drop cloth, paint tray, cleaning solution, bonding primer, tape




As with any paint job, the surface you are painting should be cleaned before priming.  This is especially true with glass.  Even though you may not see a residue or dirt on a glass surface you should still wash it down with TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) or an ammoniated cleaner.  Once the glass is dry you are ready to follow the steps below.




  1. Apply a coat of bonding primer, we recommend Stix by Insl-x.  This primer is specifically formulated to stick to glass, pvc pipe, and other smooth and slick surfaces that normal primers will not bond to.  Stix is a thin translucent primer so don't be afraid if it does not look like it provides good hiding qualities.  The primer is meant to seal the glass so it can be painted, not to provide a finished looking product.
  2. Wait until the primer is dry and apply whatever topcoat of paint you wish.  Make sure it is a durable finish, either satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish.  The type of product you apply will depend on where this glass will be located.  Obvious, use exterior grade products for things outdoors and a durable finish for indoor projects.
  3. Once the glass has been primed and painted you may wish to apply a second coat of paint.  




Be sure you wait long enough between the primer and the finish coat.  If the primer does not have enough time to dry before another coat is applied, the primer will stay softer longer and may loosen.

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