How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

With a little cleaning, prep work and painting you can transform your kitchen in a few days and give your home a completely different look.  The average cost for painting kitchen cabinets is around $150.  This includes the materials listed below and new handles.  The average cost for new kitchen cabinets is between $5,000 and $6,000.

Materials Needed


Paint, brush & roller, painter's tape, sandpaper, cleaning solution, primer (as needed), tray.




    1. Clean the cabinets thoroughly with a household cleaner such as Fantasik, Formula 409 or liquid TSP.  Rinse off the cabinets with warm water.  Pay close attention to the area around handles, oils and grease will build up there and will cause poor adhesion unless properly cleaned.  Easy Liquid Sander can also be used, it will clean the cabinets and open pores in the surface, similar to using sandpaper.  This is also recommended if your cabinets have a gloss finish.
    2. It is not necessary to use a primer if the existing coating on the cabinets is paint.  However, if the cabinets are bare or stained and varnished you should apply a coat of stain-killing primer.
    3. Apply a satin or gloss finish paint with a brush, roller or spray equipment.  Apply two coats for superior protection.  Allow the cabinets to dry overnight before using.
    4. Clean brushes and rollers with soap and water if you have used a latex enamel paint.



Do not use steel wool on kitchen cabinets. The steel particles left behind after use will rust if a water base primer or finish coat is used.

Do not use a tack rag to clean up after sanding.  The oils on the tack rag will prevent adhesion of a water-based paint or primer.

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