How To Paint Over Wallpaper



Sometimes wallpaper just doesn't want to be stripped off the wall.  While it is recommended that you strip the paper off before starting your paint project, wallpaper can be painted over.


Painting over wallpaper 



  1. Start by using an oil-based primer (latex primers contain water which will reactivate the wallpaper paste in the seams of the wallpaper causing it to peel up).
  2. Depending on the depth of color of the wallpaper, you may need to use two coats of primer to block dark colors from bleeding through.
  3. After the primer has dried, you can paint over it with any latex paint (or oil if you choose).
That is all there is to it!  The key is to use an oil-based primer and make sure that none of the colors bleed through.  We recommend using either Odorless primer from Zinsser or Cover Stain primer from Zinsser. 

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