How To Pick The Right Paint Brush



If you have been to a paint or hardware store recently you have probably seen the enormous selection of paint brushes.  Which one is the right paint brush to use?  To select the right paint brush you need to know what type of paint you will be using and what kind of project you plan to accomplish.  


When using latex paints you will want to use a nylon brush.  When using oil-based paints or varnishes you will want to choose a china bristle brush. 


Now that you know what kind of bristle to look for, the next thing I recommend looking for is a brush of the right size for you.  If you are painting a large deck or fence by hand you would want to look for a 4" or 6" staining brush.  If you used a smaller brush the project would take much longer.  If you are painting trim work or molding you will want to select a brush that is less wide than the trim, so you eliminate dripping.


Once you know the type of bristle and the width of the brush you need, look at all the different kinds of handles.  There are wood, plastic, beaver-tail shaped, pencil shaped, wide, thin, etc.  The list can go on and on.  Pick up each different kind of brush and see if it fits your hand.  Some painter prefer wooden handled brushes because they are typically wider and provide better control.  Beaver-tail handles are usually shorter, thus causing less fatigue on the forearm when using them for long periods of time.  Thin handles are good for detail work.

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