Other Pool Games To Try


Other Pool Games to Try
By James S Thompson


Pool is an extremely popular table game, but most people just stick to playing the most popular type of the game or bumper pool while there are some other games than can also be played with the same equipment. Here are summarized versions for the rules of pool games other than eight or nine ball pool that are also very good to play and require a good degree of skill to play.


Straight pool - To start this game a target score to reach for winning the game must first be set normally a figure of between 100 to 150 points would be used. The winner is the first person to pot that number of balls. Any ball can be potted as long as the ball and the pocket are identified before the shot is taken and by missing, potting another ball or not specifying a ball or pocket beforehand is committing a foul and the player must leave the table. Once only the cue ball and one object ball remain on the table the others are racked again with the apex ball missing to allow the game to continue. The break shot is always played as a safety shot as even from the break if a ball is going to be potted it would have to be named and a pocket nominated.


One pocket pool - Similar to straight pool in that a winning score is decided upon at the start usually 8 and that any ball on the table can be used. The main difference is that nominating a pocket is not necessary as each player is limited to being able to score in only one pocket. The player breaking will nominate one of the two lower corner pockets and the other player will use the other lower corner pocket. Two scoring differences from straight pool are a deduction of one point for any foul shot as well as leaving the table and forfeit of the game for three consecutive fouls.


Bank pool - Two main versions of this game exist with the difference being the amount of racked balls to start with and the winning score. A fifteen bank game uses all fifteen balls racked with a winning score of nine required and in a nine bank game nine balls are racked with a score of five required to win. To score a point you must pot a ball into a nominated pocket with the cue ball striking the ball without coming of either another ball or a cushion and the object ball hitting at least one cushion on its way to the pocket. Potting another ball in any pocket along with the object ball is not a foul in this game the ball is spotted back on the table and the game continued. Check with your opponent as the three fouls and you're out rule is often used as an option with this game.


Rotation pool - This game must be played with numbered ball sets as scoring depends on these numbers as an example potting the three ball earns three points and potting the ten ball earns ten points with the highest score winning the game. The correct rack is with the 1 ball on the apex of the rack and the foot spot, the 2 is in the corner to the right, the 3 ball is in the left corner and the 15 in the center with all other balls placed randomly. The rule for taking a shot is that the lowest valued ball on the table must be struck by the cue ball first and any resulting balls potted either through skill or a fluke are added to the score. Only two safety shots played against the nearest cushion are allowed with unlimited safeties against other cushions providing that at least two object balls are moved.


Rotation variations - Simple rotation is won not by score but by the first player to correctly pot 8 balls which have to be pocketed in ascending numerical order again with the lowest value ball required to be struck first with the cue ball. Eight ball rotation is won on potting the eight ball after potting all balls in your designated group either the solids or stripes in numerical order, with the game forfeited for a foul when playing the final eight ball shot. Strict rotation uses the ball numbers for scoring but unlike rotation pool the balls must be potted in ascending order although potting a higher ball means losing your shot and that ball is re spotted on the table.


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