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How To Clean A Paintbrush

Sometimes the only way you can tell the difference between an amateur paint job and a professional paint job is by the brush that was used.  Professional painters generally buy top grade brushes for their jobs while homeowners usually purchase mid range brushes.  High quality brushes are used by the pros because they save time, hold more paint, cut in better and provide a smoother finish.  Professional quality brushes also cost the most money.  If you have invested $15 to $20 in a good brush you most certainly want to wash it out after every use to make it last as long as possible.  A good paint brush can last for years if it is properly taken care of.


How To Clean Latex Paint Out of a Brush


Latex paint can be washed out of a paint brush using soap and warm water.  Run your fingers through the bristles of the brush while you hold it under running water.  Make sure to clean the bristles by the metal ferrule.  Keep rinsing the brush until the water dripping from the bristles is clear.  You can also use a brush spinner to get the job done.  Spinners use centrifugal force to expel paint and water from the brush.


How To Clean Oil Based Paint Out of a Brush


Oil paint can be removed from a brush using paint thinner as a cleaner.  Using a plastic container, pour in a few inches of paint thinner into the container.  Push the brush down into the paint thinner so the bristles bend slightly.  Wear a chemical resistant glove so you can agitate the bristles with your fingers.  You may need to add more paint thinner if it becomes too concentrated with paint.  If the oil paint has dried on your brush for longer than normal you may want to soak your brush in paint thinner overnight.  If you do this, make sure to put enough paint thinner in the container so all of the bristles are covered.  You may need to use a brush comb to remove the rest of the oil paint.

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